• Why Kudlak-Baird?

Since 1949, Kudlak-Baird Electrical Contractors have proudly served Toronto and the GTA in the commercial, industrial, municipal, and institutional sectors. Our long-term success is built on a commitment to the highest standards in customer service and knowledge.

Collectively, the members of our team have over 100 years of combined experience. Each of them brings their own unique skillset and knowledge, to make up a team with extensive capabilities.

Our knowledge and expertise are combined with the philosophy that client-care is at the core of everything we do. Through our commitment to our clients and our proven process, we provide the right personalized solutions to make working with us a truly worry-free experience.

Setting the standard for client satisfaction, Kudlak-Baird has complete design-build capabilities. Our highly qualified staff, fully-trained and equipped team of electricians, and a well-stocked warehouse ensure timely work that exceeds expectations.

The Kudlak-Baird Way

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Our work involves a variety of different job functions, but our guiding principals always remain the same. This ensures that your experience working with us, and the final results, are exceptional every time.

Client Centric

Our clients satisfaction comes first, which is why we strive to deliver the ultimate in high-quality, responsive, and dependable service.


Whether a colleague or a client, we prioritize developing mutually-beneficial relationships with all individuals.


We are experts in our field and have the knowledge to be counted on to complete projects timely and effectively.


We uphold the highest standard of practice in all that we do and will stand behind our work.


We constantly strive to find new solutions to our clients’ problems.

The Kudlak-Baird Client-Care Process

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We personalize our solutions to your project to ensure the best possible results every time. The 4-step process we follow guarantees we leave no boxes unchecked, and your experience working with us is worry-free and enjoyable.

1. Evaluation & Collaboration

When you come to Kudlak-Baird for a solution or service request, we promptly send the member of our team who is the most qualified and knowledgeable in regards to your specific needs. A detailed evaluation is completed, but it doesn’t stop there. We at Kudlak-Baird believe more minds are better than one, which is why we collaborate within our entire team to tap into a range of valuable expertise and over 100 years of combined experience, ensuring we arrive at the right solution.

2. Presenting Your Option

Our team will often identify more than one effective solution for you to chose from. We explain these options, and each of their benefits in-detail. This allows you to make an informed decision and rest easy knowing it’s the right one. 

3. Keeping You In-The-Know

Our team of experts will handle everything throughout the project, but will make sure you’re always informed and ‘in-the-loop’. We keep you connected along the way with updates on progress, inform you of any issues, and work with you when it comes to any major decisions. We will be available and easy to reach from start to finish, and our full transparency allows you to be as involved in the solution as you choose to be.

4. Staying Connected

After the job is done right and on-schedule, we take the time to finalize everything with you and ensure you’re satisfied with our work. This helps build lasting and mutually-beneficial relationships. Going forward, we hope to be a strategic partner that brings you peace of mind.