• LED Lighting Retrofits

LED Lighting Retrofits

We specialize in installing new LED lighting systems and retrofitting existing fixtures to be LED-compatible.

There are all kinds of benefits to upgrading your systems to LED, including:

• Significantly lower maintenance costs
• Better lighting with far less wattage use
• Longer life and fewer points of failure
• More environmentally-friendly and sustainable

Our technicians are highly-trained and experienced with LED lighting, and have the capacity to take on projects of all sizes. Our services will help you capitalize on this opportunity to save money and maximize the lifespan of your systems and equipment.

Contact someone from the Kudlak-Baird team to discuss a personalized solution for you.

Installation of Award-winning LED Design – St. Lawrence Market

The Kudlak-Baird team recently handled all installation needs for the ‘Heritage Lighting’ Project at Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market.

This incredible project consisted of interior and exterior installation of LED lighting throughout the market. The design for the new lighting (by Smith + Andersen) was crafted to highlight the building’s historical features; it received international recognition with a Merit Award in the IES (Illuminating Engineering Society) Illumination Awards for Outdoor Lighting Design. We couldn’t be prouder of the work our expert team put in on this project.