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At Kudlak-Baird, our focus is on delivering innovative and reliable solutions for our clients’ needs. Explore how some of our past work has helped our clients achieve their goals.

Toronto Parking Authority

Electric Vehicle Charging Installations

Our task was to supply and install 20 new EV chargers across three TPA parking lots. This project involved coordinating with Toronto Hydro to provide new electrical services, the installation of new outdoor switchboards to manage the power upgrade and creating new parking spots to accommodate the new infrastructure. TPA has since become a valued client, and we continue to service their requirements.

City of Toronto

Fire Station LED Lighting Renovations (All 90 Facilities)

We supplied and installed over 14,000 new LED light fixtures across the City of Toronto’s (90) Fire Stations. This massive coordination effort presented a significant challenge, but we successfully completed the project in early 2024.

North Maple Regional Park

Cricket Pitch LED Lighting Design and Installation

This design-build project was a highlight, showcasing our ability to transform a concept into reality. The use of Musco Lighting’s unique product allowed us to design a pitch with far fewer light poles than would normally be used, while creating a lighting effect that exceeded the client’s expectations.

Toronto Public Health Headquarters

Electrical Distribution Upgrades

This project included creating a new main electrical room, installing a main switchboard, and entirely renovated electrical riser. The challenges we faced provided an opportunity to demonstrate our ability to adapt. Our expertise in electrical distribution enabled us to assist the engineering team in redesigning the building’s electrical panel layout, resulting in a more efficient system.

St Lawrence Market

LED Lighting Renovation, DMX Control System

This unique LED lighting project involved significant installation challenges, due to the heritage building with an anything-but normal structure. Adapting a complex lighting system to a building over 200 years old was no small feat. Our successful implementation helped the design consultants win the 2020 IES Illumination Award.

City of Mississauga - Paramount Fine Foods Centre

LED Arena Lighting Upgrade, DMX Control System

The installation of a new LED lighting system in the Hershey Centre was a highlight for us as a Mississauga-based company. It was one of the first DMX lighting systems we had the opportunity to present. The City of Mississauga has now been putting on concerts and sporting events using this system to great success for years now.

Toronto Emergency Services Headquarters

Fire Alarm System Installation

Working in one of the most important buildings in the CIty of Toronto is always a challenge. Installing a brand-new life safety system, while they continued to operate 24/7 presented an especially demanding project. Our team was able to successfully accommodate the client, delivering on time and on target.

City of Toronto - Fleet Division

Electric Vehicle Installation (250 Units)

As a long-term vendor, the City of Toronto’s Fleet Division came to us with a challenge, tasking us to design and install the electrical infrastructure and charging units for 250 new EV chargers to support their growing fleet of electric vehicles. We met the challenge and continue to exceed expectations, expanding our efforts beyond the initial 250 units.

University of Toronto - Varsity Stadium

LED Sports Field Lighting Upgrade

In 2024, we were tasked with upgrading the lighting at Varsity Stadium. This was a great opportunity for us to show one of our strong expertise – sports field lighting. Our team successfully adapted to working in tough conditions to deliver an installation that our client can be proud of.

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