• Electric Ramp Heating & Cable Repair

Electric Ramp Heating

We know that keeping your building or property’s access ramps free from snow and ice is a top safety priority.

The number of contractors offering full installation of electric ramp heating systems is somewhat limited in the GTA, but our technicians are highly-trained and have hands-on experience with hundreds of installs. When it comes to the safety of the people using your property, trust our expert team to handle every step in designing and building you an electric ramp heating system that brings you peace of mind.

Maintenance, Cable Repair & Cable Replacement

We’re trained and well-equipped to provide all maintenance, repairs and even full cable replacements to your electric ramp heating system.

Preventative maintenance can save you money on costly repairs and help you avoid long periods of time where your ramp is out-of-service. Preventative maintenance can also stop smaller issues from escalating into major safety hazards.

Through the professional assessment of our contractors, using the best technology, we provide you with an evaluation of your electric ramp heating system’s condition, identify any problems and report to you with the best personalized quality solution.

Contact a member of the Kudlak-Baird team to discuss your electric ramp heating project, or call us for 24/7 emergency service.